Photos by Clive Witney


 I started taking photographs way back in the days of film. The first camera I can remember using was a 110 format point and shoot camera that had a cartridge load film but the quality of the pictures were always questionable. I moved to a SLR when I had the money to buy one opting for a Canon AE1 with the standard 50mm kit lenses. This was the main stay of my photography for many years although it was only brought out for special occasions and to take some snaps of the family. To be honest my output at these 'early stages' was not too great looking back at some of the pictures with a more critical eye.

Years later, when the children became more independent, I started looking for a hobby. It was my wife, Susan, who suggested I get my camera out and do photography. Not sure she expected me too pick up with landscape photography, which means me being out of the house more, but it was this type of photography that I feel most comfortable. These early trials with the camera however did not return good results, especially after having to wait from them to return from the developers. There was talk of a darkroom at some stage but my efforts were not inspiring me enough to move forward with any plans. 

It was when digital technology came along that really energised my passion for taking photographs again after my wife buying me a Fujifilm FinePix S7000 prosumer camera. The instant feedback from looking at the screen on the back of the camera inspired me more than ever. With the help of photography magazines, reading about composition, light and all the controls you have over the camera just drove me forward to do more. I soon felt the S7000 was not giving me the flexibility I required despite buying screw on lens attachments etc of a period I wanted more control.

Sue again purchased a Canon 400D for my birthday which I worked well with for a few years before I decided to upgrade to my current work horse the Canon 7D, over the years since I have invested in a number of lenses. 

My wife and I have also taken the decission to start travelling so we require transport. Our choice for the  transport is a van which we will kit out as a mobile home. I am planning on sharing the build with you on this site and my other social media presences so keep following if you are interested.

The van will obviously give us a great base to work from for the travelling but will also, hopefully, allow me to get to some great locations for my photography. 


Lyme Regis heavens above